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Our Philosophy


Ostensive an advance moral and vibes for high quality talent by improving a professional, creative, and innovate candidates within their competence. Ensuring end user satisfaction and maximum performace for long term partnership.


Accredited as a first-rated manpower specialist company and trusted to provide an insightful output to all parties involved.


Reducing Unemployment Rate

There are millions of people who are still unemployed after the pandemic. Almost all sectors experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic recession, the unemployment rate also increased along with the layoffs of many workers at that time. The placement of Indonesian Migrant Workers abroad is one of the efforts that can assist the government in providing job opportunities for various positions and careers.


Understanding The Foundation

We have been in this industry for decades, creating a reliable ecosystem in recruitment planning to implementation of placement in destination countries, to playing an active role in training institutions to produce quality Indonesian Migrant Workers.

Supported by an extensive network, as well as the use of a scalable employment system together with consortium members, thus providing excellence to end users.


Solving the Problem

We answer the biggest challenge for Indonesian Migrant Workers to improve their quality and competitiveness at the end user so that they can maximize all their abilities and potential.

Board of Management

Class-Leading HR Specialist over two decades.

Chairulsyah Siregar

President Director

Yunita Siregar, SE.

Director of Finance and Operations

Markahasa M. Siregar, SE.

Director of Human Resources

Sutan P. Siregar, BBA.

Director of Marketing and Development